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Our Story

Ethical, sustainable, premium quality

Lab grown diamonds

Our Mission

“Our mission at purelab-dimaonds is to provide customers with
stunning, elegant diamond jewellery that is economically sustainable, priced competitively, premium quality and UK certified"

About us

Economically Sustainable

Lab diamonds are the future. As no mining is required, they are economically sustainable and more environmentally friendly.

Competitive Pricing

Laboratory-grown diamonds are significantly cheaper than mined diamonds. This means that, for a given budget, you will be able to buy a much larger stone (in terms of carat weight) or choose a higher colour and clarity diamond, when choosing a laboratory grown diamond.

Our Diamonds


Laboratory diamonds cannot be detected by the naked eye. It takes a specially developed machine, which examines the stone’s crystal structure based on it’s speed of growth, to identify a lab-grown diamond.

Made in the UK

Nearly all of our jewelery is designed and made in the UK by our dedicated and talented master craftsman. You will be supporting the British economy purchasing our British made rings.

Quality pieces at affordable prices

Handcrafted just for you

For effortless good looks

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